Xylophone | Wind Piano

$4,189.50 CAD
SKU: WP-KBT-560.031.011.001

A xylophone that falls within the category of struck idiophones is the "wind piano." It consists of properly tuned metal bars laid in one row. This instrument is marked by a delicate sound and a subtle spectrum of aliquot tones.

Start your musical journey with a free bar instrument since you don't need any exceptional abilities to play the xylophone. Due to its ease of use, it inspires kids to explore with music and foster their creativity. It can be used in conjunction with the bells "monk" and "forest" tubular bells.

Two anchoring techniques are available to secure the instrument to the ground:

Concrete anchor - ensures that the instruments are installed on soft surfaces in a skilled and stable manner (e.g. lawn, sand).

The ideal way to attach instruments on hard surfaces is with a flat anchor (e.g. concrete).