Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Projects Information

Why should I buy my playground equipment from Westplay?

We take great satisfaction in providing excellent customer service and completing commercial orders. We are skilled, informed, attentive and helpful. We can offer suggestions for your project and share the knowledge we've gained from working with other clients over the years. Our goal is to make your playground project a reality.

Can you make a custom made playground?

 Absolutely! We always say that there are not two equal playgrounds. Despite the fact that they may seen similar, each project is unique in location, colors, area, etc. We have a team of Landscape Architects, playground specialist, CPSI inspectors and designers ready to custom made your project, base on your budget, area and unique conditions. Send us an email to with the subject line “Custom Made” we will be delighted to help you.

Do you offer playground installation for commercial projects?

Yes, we would be pleased to provide you with an installation estimate for your project. There is not big or small projects, we look forward to help you.

After my project has been confirmed, when should I make a payment?

We request full payment upfront for any orders. Sometimes if management approved any kinds of terms, it will be displayed in your proforma invoice. Nonetheless, all our factory partners require full payment before shipping.

How is the playground handed?

Equipment for playgrounds and other parks amenities is delivered by LTL freight shippers, although larger equipment may need to be transported by FTL.

Purchase Information

What time is ideal for placing orders?

The best time to place and order is 25-30 weeks before your ideal date for a big opening of your project. It is important that you have in consideration, design, manufacture, delivery, inspection, and assembly of your playground. Depending on how complex it is, installation may vary greatly, however, a good planification with our logistic and installation team can make things happen in your favor.

Do cancellations have a deadline?

We don’t accept cancellations unless for some reason our factory cannot produce your order.

I have a product that is covered by warranty. Who do I speak with?

You must get in touch with one of our playground advisors. You need to provide, your invoice number, who was the manufacturer, and the date of your purchase. With that we will check whether or not your product is under warranty. If so, we will start immediately the claim on your behalf, there is not cost for your for any claims. We will take care of your claim immediately.

More Questions?

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