Tubular Bells | Forest

$5,586.00 CAD
SKU: WP-KBT-560.040.011.001

The term "Forest" refers to freestanding tubular bells made of metal-tuned tubes of various lengths. The tube's sound output decreases as lengthens.

High frequencies and a nuanced spectrum of aliquot tones define the instrument itself. Tubular bells must be struck in the center with mallets in order to produce their mesmerizing tone. Even the most basic, instinctively executed rhythm will result in a catchy melody. The tubular bells can only be played by a maximum of two people. To make music with others, it is a good idea to add additional instruments like the bells' "monk" or the xylophone's "wind piano."

The instrument can be fixed to the ground with two anchoring systems:

Concrete anchor – ensures a professional and stable installation of the instruments on soft surfaces (e.g. lawn, sand)

Flat anchor – the best solution to install instruments on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete)