Tubes | Clappo

$3,172.84 CAD
SKU: WP-KBT-560.060.011.001

The category of percussion instruments includes tubes. They are built with seven tubes of varied sizes that are suspended on a frame. You must beat the upper half of the tubes (covering them) with specific instrument paddles in order to produce a rhythmic sound from them.

The resonator tubes can be played simultaneously by one or two individuals. Simply create your own tunes using your imagination and improvise the rhythm. It is an instrument that offers a variety of musical experimentation opportunities and allows one to naturally acquire a feeling of rhythm. Another excellent approach to start your percussion instrument experience is by using the "clappo."

Two anchoring techniques are available to secure the instrument to the ground:

The ideal way to attach instruments on hard surfaces is with a flat anchor (e.g. concrete)

Concrete anchor - ensures that the instruments are installed on soft surfaces in a skilled and stable manner (e.g. lawn, sand)