SHININ BRIGHT -W/O Roof | Nature

$22,548.00 CAD
SKU: WP-WI-WP-350002N00

Prepare to climb and crawl on this incredible Shinn Bright play structure. Children will have a great time running around this large, luxurious play model. The play set is accessible via rock climber, arch climber, or stairs and features a 48-inch elevated platform connected by a Crawl tunnel to a 48-inch elevated platform. The Single Slide and Double Slide are available to children. The play structure is surrounded by safety barrier panels, which keep children safe and balanced. A bongo and saddle seat on the ground level provide creative outlets for children of all ability levels, making the play structure ADA-compliant. A fun square leaf Roof covers the Double Slide platform, providing children with a shady spot to wait for their turn on the slides. Handrails add extra support. To meet your specific play-set requirements, the Shinn Bright play-set is available in a variety of color palettes. The neutral and primary palettes are available in the quick ship.


Fall Height:48"
Use Zone:35'*28'