Resonance Tube | Echo Tube

$1,960.69 CAD
SKU: WP-KBT-560.070.011.001

The well-known video game "Echo" served as the inspiration for the creation of the "echo II" resonance tube. Children are fascinated by their unique design, which inspires them to try out sounds on their own.

Two players transmit sounds from one end of the tube to the other by whispering, singing, or making other noises. Only the person on the other end of the device can hear the sounds; no one else can. It is feasible to artistically integrate folks who are visiting a musical playground thanks to this unusual approach. Children can completely engross themselves in the realm of impromptu and distinctive sounds with a little imagination.

Only a ground anchor is compatible with the instrument. It includes a robust, 15-meter-long corrugated tube. The components can be placed at any distance up to 15 meters thanks to the corrugated tube. This is the tool's most expert and secure adhesion to soft surfaces (e.g. lawns, sand).