Push Up Station Combo

$7,129.50 CAD

The Push Up Combo offers two height variants for a muscle-strength workout that improves upper body strength. Hand grip curvatures give a variety of grip positions to change the intensity of the activity.


  • Key Fitness Element: Muscle
  • Powder-coated steel finish
  • In-ground or surface-mount installation
  • All stainless steel tamper-proof hardware
  • Step-by-step instructional label
  • Clearance Space: 10′-11″ x 12′-3 13/16″
  • Training Envelope: 8′-5″ x 6′-3 13/16″

Intended for people 13 and older. The product must include impact-attenuating surfacing in order to meet ASTM F1292 and ASTM F3101-15, Standard Specification for Unsupervised Public Use Outdoor Fitness Equipment. The equipment is entirely stainless steel with a powder coat finish. Available in Inground Mount and Surface Mount.