Leg Press

$8,865.00 CAD

Similar to leg lifts and lower body strength growth, the Leg Press has advantages. The Leg Press is a more robust and advanced workout option thanks to the isokinetic spring resistance and steel construction with a rust-resistant coating. The Leg Press is comparable in quality to exercise equipment used in indoor settings thanks to these advantages. The person using the outdoor exercise equipment sits firmly on the seat, puts his or her feet on the footpads, slowly extends the legs without locking the knees, and then slowly returns to the beginning position. Users of all fitness levels will find the resistance more challenging thanks to an improved isokinetic spring resistance system.


  • Under control, push your legs out without locking your knees
  • Isokinetic spring resistance creates a higher level of fitness experience for the user
  • Ergonomically designed saddle and slip-resistant hand grips and footrests
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
  • Steel construction with rust-resistant coating
  • Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant housings
  • Clearance Space: 9′ x 10′-10 15/16″
  • Training Envelope: 3′ x 4′-2 11/16″