Combination Course 2.0

$17,889.00 CAD

The Combination Course 2.0 fitness offers a thorough workout in a condensed area. For use in small courtyards, apartment buildings, along walkways, or open areas on a property, this five-piece preconfigured training set is ideal. All five fitness pillars—aerobic, muscular fitness, balance, flexibility, and core—are covered by this bundle. geared toward people 13 and older.


Minimum space needed: 575 sqft

ActionFit items included:
•Multigym – Muscle Fitness
•Cardio Walker – Aerobic Fitness
•Balance Board – Balance Fitness
•Sit-Up Station – Core Fitness
•Knee Lift Station – Flexibility Fitness

The Combination Course 2.0 is available with standard FitTech color options and features in-ground mount unless otherwise noted. Designed for ages 13 and up. The course complies with ASTM F3101-15 – Standard Specification for Unsupervised Public Use Outdoor Fitness Equipment and requires impact attenuating surfacing to comply with ASTM F1292.

*Plyometric Box, Horizontal Chin-Up and Push-Up Stations (in-Ground Mount only) Balance Board (J-Bolt Footing only)