Cardio Walker

$8,865.00 CAD

The Cardio Walker provides cardio and aerobic benefits by simulating walking or jogging with a smooth striding gazelle or elliptical motion. Simply secure your feet on the foot pedals and place your hands on the rails. Alternate your legs while standing up straight in a fluid stride. Users at outdoor fitness parks can change the level of difficulty of their cardio activity by lengthening or shortening their strides. Comfort for the user is ensured by ergonomically designed handles and textured foot pedals.


  • Extra wide handlebar allows for a more comfortable grip and provides support during workout
  • Modern design enhances the landscape
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
  • Steel construction with rust-resistant coating
  • Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant housings
  • Clearance Space: 10′-6 13/16″ x 11′-2 3/8″
  • Training Envelope: 4′-6 13/16″ x 5′-8 11/16″