Balance Board Station

$1,545.00 CAD

The Balance Board has a lot of power for its size. As muscles attempt to adapt to performing well-known exercises in a novel setting, the spring base provides an additional obstacle. As the user does standing squats, single leg lifts, or even push-ups, the board flexes and wobbles. For arm exercises like pushups and dips, the practical handles that are routed into the surface offer comfortable grips. This compact gym offers the benefits of a full-body workout. designed to mimic the advantages of a stability ball for exercise. intended for people 13 and older.


  • The Balance Board surface is made from marine-grade slip-resistant plastics
  • Steel construction with rust-resistant coating
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
  • Sign Package Sold Separately
  • The freestanding instructional sign included
  • Clearance Space: 10′-5″ x 14′-5″
  • Training Envelope: 4′-5″ x 8′-5″