Inclusive Swing Seat Package (Age: 2-5)

$999.40 CAD

The Inclusive Swing Seat Package is one of the few full-support seats that is age and size-appropriate while also providing therapeutic benefits such as movement and perceptual skills.

Swing bays can be purchased with "frame only" options (02-07-0270 or 02-07-0271). Please keep in mind that when purchasing Bipod Swing Bays (frame only), all swings within a given swing bay must have the same age range (2-5 or 5-12).


  • Package includes: 1 seat, 2 hangers, 1 seat brace, 2 chains, and clevis attachments
  • Natural color palette: Seat: Green, Brace: Beige
  • Playful color palette: Seat: Blue, Brace: Yellow



  • Part Number WP-UP110 (Natural) WP-UP109 Playful
  • Age 2-5
  • Weight 48 lbs
Color - Playful